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Leasing & Hire Purchase

Leasing and hire purchase for your used commercial vehicle at TruckStore


Daimler Truck Financial Services Germany is our own financial services provider with flexible and customer focused products. Do you want to use the vehicle and return it after a certain period of time or do you want to own the truck? We have the right solution for you.


Stay financially independent with an operate lease for your used truck. You only pay for the time and mileage you actually use the commercial vehicle. You decide about the length of the agreement and the amount of an upfront payment. These two factors determine the amount of your monthly instalment. At the end of the agreement you simply return your used truck.

Hire Purchase

If you want to own the used truck, then hire purchase is the right product. You pay off the commercial vehicle in regular monthly instalments. During this period the vehicle is already and asset on your balance sheet. Initial payment, contractual period and monthly instalments are all determined before you sign the contract. Upon payment of the final instalment, the used truck automatically belongs to you.

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