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Mercedes-Benz Trucks Certified

Certification guaranteed.

Our quality promise for used trucks.

All vehicles with the Mercedes-Benz Trucks Certified label will undergo an exhaustive technical inspection by a workshop at one of our own dealerships or at a Mercedes-Benz Trucks contractual partner in accordance with high, uniform standards.  And as no-one knows our vehicles better than we do, we can guarantee this high standard. Thus, we not only make fixed, predictable costs possible, but also a high degree of planning security.

What does Mercedes-Benz Trucks Certified cover?

Only trucks from the Mercedes-Benz Trucks brand which are a maximum of five years old and have a maximum mileage of 500,000 kilometres are awarded the Mercedes-Benz Trucks Certified label. The Mercedes-Benz Trucks Certified certificate also confirms that these vehicles will be maintenance-free for at least three months or at least 20,000 kilometres (trucks with a permissible gross vehicle weight up to 12 tonnes) or 30,000 kilometres (trucks with a permissible gross permissible vehicle weight of 12 tonnes or more) and that no statutory inspections will be due during that period. Furthermore, all of the certified trucks are fitted with tyres with a tyre tread depth of at least six millimetres. An integral part of the quality promise is a 12-month warranty on the drivetrain. This applies throughout Europe with unlimited mileage and no excess to pay. A 24-month drivetrain warranty is also available for selected models.

All advantages at a glance:

  •   Maximum 5 years old
  •   Mileage up to 500,000 km
  •   At least 3 months or at least 20,000 km / 30,000 km maintenance-free*
  •   No legally-required inspections due for at least 3 months
  •   Tyre tread depth of at least 6 mm
  •   12-month drivetrain warranty (24 months for selected vehicles)
    •   Valid throughout Europe
    •   No excess to pay (excl. statutory VAT)**
    •   Unlimited mileage
  •   14-day right to exchange***

What makes Mercedes-Benz Trucks Certified so special?

TruckStore offers a high standard of quality throughout Europe. The Mercedes-Benz Trucks Certified label provides for a uniform assessment throughout Europe and offers transparency with regard to the age, condition and mileage of used trucks.

Our goal is to offer every customer a vehicle that is tailored precisely to their own individual requirements. Then there are the servicing components, an extensive range of services with financing and leasing options, warranty and a buy-back contract, all available at the time of purchase. In case of damage, the Damage Centre is available 24/7.

Not entirely satisfied with your new used vehicle or maybe it's not quite a perfect match for your operations? With our right to exchange, you can exchange the vehicle within 14 days without providing a reason.


A TruckStore near you will be happy to inform you of the advantages of Mercedes-Benz Trucks Certified.

The conditions of the warranty and information for your workshop in the event of a problem can be found here.

*20,000 km up to 12 t permissible GVW. / 30,000 km from 12 t permissible GVW. (Valid for the standard equipment on the vehicle, i.e. not for bodies).

**In the event of damage, the buyer only pays the VAT stated on the invoice.

***The buyer may exchange the vehicle without providing a reason in so far as the buyer informs the salesperson in writing of the desire to exchange the vehicle within 14 calendar days starting from the day the vehicle is handed over. The right to exchange is restricted to vehicles the salesperson has in stock at the time of the desire to exchange the vehicle. Charges may be incurred in relation to the exchange. Our General Terms and Conditions apply.

All trucks on offer that have been awarded the Mercedes-Benz Trucks Certified label are Mercedes-Benz Trucks Certified-enabled vehicles, which we may need to repair and recondition in order to sell them with our "Mercedes-Benz Trucks Certified" standard. The respective offer price already refers to this "Mercedes-Benz Trucks Certified" condition.