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We have all brands, including DAF! The Dutch truck producer offered front-wheel steering cabs from the outset, a fact that remains unchanged to this day. The product range of DAF ranges from medium to heavy-duty trucks.

The Dutch truck manufacturer DAF (Van Doorne's Automobiel Fabriek N.V.) belongs as a brand to the US Paccar Group.

DAF manufactured trailers and in 1949 also began to build its own trucks, which received engines from the British manufacturer Leyland. Later, DAF produced under license and further developed the Leyland engines until it finally developed its own engines.

DAF offered forward control cabs from the beginning, these were rounded in the beginning and angular from the 60s on. Nothing has changed in this to this day. This early offering of forward control cabs represented a strength of DAF truck production. DAF hood trucks were in the program from 1950 to 1972. In the 1970s, DAF belonged to the so-called "four-man club."

In 1996, the remaining DAF truck division was taken over by the US Paccar Group. However, the DAF brand is still represented on the market.


What truck series does DAF have?

There are 3 truck series at DAF:

  • LF (light trucks 6 - 18 t)
  • CF (medium-duty trucks 18 - 44 t)
  • XF (heavy trucks 44 t)


The LF series

The DAF LF is a light truck designed for inner-city and regional distribution transport. It has been built since 2009 and has proven itself over the years as a reliable truck. The LF owes its versatility to its flexible design. It can be configured with different wheelbases, cabs, engines and payloads. There is a choice between a small cab for regional transport and a large cab for long-distance transport. The LF is characterized by its high payload and high maneuverability. With the DAF LF Aerobody, the manufacturer offers a fuel-efficient version of the truck. The model has optimized aerodynamics and is equipped with a diffuser.

The LF Electric by DAF is the perfect solution for zero-emissions, short-radius distribution in the light-duty truck segment. Weighing in at just 19 tonnes, it also takes just 12 hours to charge from 0 to 100%, so you can charge it overnight to use the next day. And once the battery is full, the LF Electric can cover a full 280 kilometres before needing to be recharged again! The DAF LF Electric has a fast-charging function that maximises its operating time. A DC charger powers it up even faster: from 20 to 80% in just one hour and from 0 to 80% in just two hours.


Which LF models are available?

The DAF LF 45 and DAF LF 55 truck models are equipped with 4-cylinder and 6-cylinder engines from PACCAR and offer a power range from 140 hp (103 kW) to 300 hp (221 kW). Since 2015, the 4-cylinder engines meet the EEV and all 6-cylinder engines meet the Euro-6 emission standard. The DAF LF Electric now joins the range of zero-emissions models.


Other models of the LF series:

  • LF City
    • LF 150
    • LF 170
  • LF 8-12 t
    • LF 180
    • LF 210
    • LF 230
    • LF 260
  • LF 14-16 t
    • LF 180
    • LF 210
    • LF 230
    • LF 260
    • LF 290
  • LF 19 t
    • LF 230
    • LF 230
    • LF 290
    • LF 320

Which superstructures are available for the LF series?

  • Box body
  • Freezer box body
  • Flatbed
  • Car transporter
  • Dump truck
  • Tarp truck
  • Tow truck
  • Garbage truck
  • Fire truck 


The CF Series

In 2006, DAF Trucks launched the CF series. The trucks are medium-duty trucks designed for transporting goods over medium or longer distances. The total weight of the trucks ranges from 18 to 44 tons. Four-wheel drive is not available for the CF. The engine range extends from 250 hp (184 kW) to 510 hp (375 kW). Engines from the American truck manufacturers PACCAR and DAF with displacements of 5.9 - 12.6 liters are used.

The DAF CT Electric is a powerful addition to the CF series engine range: an electric model with a 210 kW electric motor (240 kW peak output). It comes installed with a 315 kWh battery (350 kWh effective capacity), giving the truck a range of 200 kilometres. With some smart planning, you can charge the battery while you're loading and unloading the truck, making it possible for it to travel up to 500 kilometres or more per day. And all on the power of electricity!

Three cab variants are available. A small cab for local transport, one with a sleeper cab for long-distance transport, and a so-called "space cab" variant. This is a particularly spacious and comfortable cab with plenty of room to move around and lots of storage space. Over the years, the cockpit design of the CF series has come to resemble that of a passenger car more and more. Since 2013, DAF has modernized the trucks in the series and made them fit for the Euro 6 standard. The trucks are used as concrete mixers, semitrailer tractors, curtainsider trucks, box trucks, dump trucks, timber transporters, refrigerated trucks, semitrailer tractors or as special vehicles for the police and fire departments. In 2018, the CF was awarded the title "International Truck of the Year".


Wheel bases of the CF series:

  • 4×2
  • 6×2
  • 6×4
  • 8×2
  • 8×4


Models of the CF series:

  • CF 75
  • CF 65
  • CF 85
  • CF 95
  • CF 340
  • CF 370
  • CF 410
  • CF 450
  • CF 460
  • CF 480
  • CF 530


The XF Series

In 2003, DAF launched the first trucks in the XF series. With a gross vehicle weight of up to 44 tons, the XF belongs to the heavy truck class. The DAF XF Euro 6 engines meet the Euro 6 emissions standard and feature common-rail fuel injection with variable turbochargers. There is a choice of 12- or 16-speed manual transmissions, and 12- or 16-speed ZF automatic transmissions. In 2018, the series was awarded the Europe-wide title of "International Truck of the Year." Cabs are available in a variety of sizes and trim levels. The XF105 has one of the largest cabs in Europe with the "Super Space Cab." The interior design of the cabs is reminiscent of that of premium vehicles. 

XF Series models:

  • xf 95
  • xf 105
  • xf 106
  • xf 460
  • xf 480
  • xf 510
  • xf 530


The DAF XF 95 and XF 105

The XF 95 model from the Dutch truck manufacturer was built from 2003 to 2006. It is characterized by a large driver's cab and powerful engines with a power range from 380 to 530 hp. In 2007, the XF 95 was replaced by the XF 105.

The introduction of the XF 105 in 2005 brought one of the largest cabs to the market. The "Super Space Cab" has an interior cab height of 2,255 mm. The lower berth has a length of 2,010 mm and a width of 810 mm. This ensures a comfortable sleep after a long drive. The XF 105 is powered by an inline six-cylinder turbodiesel engine, which draws its power from 12.9 liters of displacement.


DAF XF Euro 6

DAF's XF Euro 6 is a tractor unit and has a gross vehicle weight rating of up to 40 tons. It was launched in 2013 and is considered the successor to the XF 105. A 12.9-liter 6-cylinder diesel engine from PACCAR is available as the powerplant. Depending on the version, it produces 410 hp (300 kW) to 510 hp (375 kW). All engines of the truck model meet the Euro 6 emission standard. According to the manufacturer, the durability of the engine is up to 1.6 million km. The truck producer promises maintenance intervals of up to 200,000 km. DAF offers the truck with the "XF Super Space Cab," providing long-distance drivers with one of the largest cabs on the market. The XF Euro 6 has been superseded by DAF's New XF truck model. DAF is proud to present: the XG and XG+....not forgetting the XF, of course! The next DAF generation for long-distance haulage. And of course, it complies with the new European regulations for weights and dimensions.


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