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We have all brands, including Scania! The Swedish commercial vehicle manufacturer offers trucks for heavy-duty distribution and long-distance operations as well as construction and special vehicles of higher weight classes.

The Swedish manufacturer Scania is a listed manufacturer of commercial vehicles and is one of the largest manufacturers of heavy trucks in Europe and South America. Scania is a subsidiary of Volkswagen AG. The company employs about 34,000 people worldwide.

For some years now, Scania has only been producing trucks for heavy distribution and long-distance transport as well as construction and special vehicles (e.g. for fire departments) in the higher weight classes.

The product range currently starts at 18 tons gross weight and 230 hp engine power. The heaviest solo vehicles for road transport have a total weight of 40 tons and are used in Switzerland. The engine range ends at 730 hp engine output.

Scania has a strong presence in Brazil and Argentina, but Scania vehicles are not offered in the USA. Represented but without playing a significant role is Scania in Australia and South Africa.

What are the Scania series?

  • L- Series
  • P- Series
  • G- Series
  • R- Series
  • S- Series
  • Scania XT
  • Scania V8


The S Series from Scania

The S series can be used in many industries thanks to its wide range of body options and numerous engine variants. Trucks in this series are mainly found as fire trucks, tractor units, tankers and on construction sites.


The cab of the S Series

S Series trucks are available with different cabs in sizes S Normal and S Highline. The sleeper cab in size S Normal has compact dimensions and is particularly suitable for shorter trips. In contrast, the S Highline size sleeper cab offers more space and comfort for longer trips. The S cab has a flat and low floor and offers the driver a standing height of two meters. Additional equipment can be easily mounted in the spacious cab, and the generously sized interior makes for comfortable driving. There is also plenty of room for storage space and a comfortable couch. Due to the high mounting, the driver's cab offers good all-round visibility and thus enables relaxed driving. 

Sie S-Serie von Scania: Welche Modelle gibt es?

  • 410S A4X2NA
  • 450S A4X2NA
  • 450S B4X2LB
  • 730S A4X2NB
  • 500S B6X2*4NA
  • 500S A4X2NB
  • 520S A4X2NB
  • 500S A4X2NB
  • 540S A4X2NB
  • 650S A4X2NB
  • 730S A4X2NB
  • 730S A4X2NB


The S Series is available with the following wheel bases:

The chassis height can vary from low, normal to high.

  • 4x2
  • 4x4
  • 6x2
  • 6x2/2
  • 6x2/4
  • 6x4
  • 6x6
  • 8x2
  • 8x2/4
  • 8x4
  • 8x4*4
  • 10x4*6


Scania’s L Series

Scania’s L Series is a series specially designed for navigating narrow urban traffic. This kind of driving comes with its own unique set of challenges: the traffic is stop-start, and the driver is constantly climbing in and out of the vehicle as well as having to keep an eye on other road users like pedestrians, other vehicles and bikes. The L- Series has been perfectly designed for challenges like these. The L series cab has a low step unit with one or two steps to protect the driver’s arms and knees. A lowering function is installed as standard in the single cab, which can be turned into a crew cab if required. This causes the air suspension to give way by 100 millimetres, putting the driver at eye level with other road users.


Scania P Series

A lightweight cab, individually tailored to the driver's needs, comfortable and with excellent visibility:  this is the P-Series from Scania. The wide range of cabs offers regional transport, construction site and inner-city transport solutions. The option of integrating the City Safe window into the co-driver’s door is a handy extra,  helping the driver see other road users in the vehicle's vicinity, especially near where the co-driver is sitting. The smart storage options in the cab make it less cramped and create a comfortable space in which the driver can work.


Scania’s G Series

With its outstanding driving features and excellent visibility for the driver, the versatile Scania G series doesn't disappoint! Plus, a wide range of additional options is available too, making it possible to optimise your G-series truck to the max, adapting it to your business requirements. What's more, you're free to choose from a 9 litre, 13 litre or even a super 13 litre engine! The truck driver’s workplace, the cab, offers a whole range of storage options, effortless access and first-class comfort. The driver’s seat, lower-cut side windows and the modular instrument panel have been optimised to the max with intuitive features.


Scania R Series

Scania’s R Series trucks are five-time winners of the “Green Truck Award 2021” and are considered a premium powerhouse. These trucks are the perfect mix of sturdiness, comfort and convenience, making them ideal for any situation.  Their durability and versatility make them adaptable to any mission. The interior has been designed with optimal driving position in mind. The modular instrument panels have been optimised to the max and the elements are intuitive to operate, allowing the driver to fully concentrate on driving. On the exterior of the vehicle, special attention has been paid to aerodynamics, with  rounded corners on the cab, reduced gap dimensions and an optimised front section, underbody, roof and sides.

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