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We have all brands, including Iveco! The Italian commercial vehicle manufacturer is part of the Fiat Group. The name Iveco came about as an acronym for Industrial Vehicles Corporation.

Iveco is a spin-off company of the Dutch-British listed CNH Industrial Group.

Iveco's core production areas are: construction vehicles, fire-fighting vehicles, military vehicles, scheduled-service buses, intercity buses and touring coaches, off-road vehicles for construction and mining as well as medium-duty to heavy-duty trucks for for both short and long-distance haulage.

The Iveco subsidiary "Iveco Magirus" is a household name in the fire protection sector worldwide. According to the manufacturer's own information, Iveco is the world's largest manufacturer of turntable ladders.


What are the Iveco truck series?

  • Daily (Small trucks or vans up to 7 tons)
  • Eurocargo
  • Stralis
  • Stralis Hi-way
  • Trakker
  • EuroTrakker
  • Eurostar
  • EuroTech
  • S-Way
  • X-Way
  • T-Way 


The Iveco Eurocargo

The Iveco Eurocargo is one of the light to medium-duty trucks and has been on the market since 1992. It covers tonnages with a total weight of 6.5 to 20 tons. The Eurocargo is frequently used by logistics service providers such as Deutsche Post and DHL, as a dump truck in construction, and also as a 4 x 4 version by the German armed forces and the THW (German Federal Agency for Technical Relief). It is designed for regional distribution transport. Depending on the engine, 5-, 6- and 9-speed transmissions are available. The truck series is characterized by a low curb weight, which allows a higher payload. The reduction in weight is made possible by the use of composite materials for the driver's cab. Trucks in the Eurocargo series are often found as tippers with a gross vehicle weight of 7.5 tons, as refrigerated trucks, flatbeds or with box bodies. The tipper can be optionally equipped with a crane. Three cab variants are available: short, long and long with double cab. Trucks in the Eurocargo model family are optionally available as 4 x 4 with permanent all-wheel drive.


The Eurocargo 1

In 1992, the Eurocargo 1 replaced the MK series. Unlike the air-cooled MK series, the Eurocargo 1 had a water-cooled engine.


The Eurocargo 2

The second generation of the Eurocargo was built from 2002 to 2008.


The Eurocargo 3

Since 2008, the Eurocargo is now in its 3rd generation. The Tector series is available with seven engine variants with 4- and 6-cylinder engines. The power spectrum of the common-rail engines ranges from 130 to 299 hp. Since mid-2006, they have met the Euro 4 and Euro 5 emissions standards. Unlike its predecessor models, the Eurocargo is equipped with an automatic transmission for the first time.


What bodies are available for the Eurocargo?

  • Box body
  • Refrigerator box body
  • Tipper
  • Tipper with crane
  • Fire truck
  • Street cleaning
  • Police vehicle
  • Ambulance
  • Motor home 


The Stralis

With tonnages of 18 to 26 tons, the Iveco Stralis is a medium- to heavy-duty truck. In terms of its weight class, it is positioned above the Eurocargo within the Iveco truck family. The Stralis truck series was built from 2002 to 2019, replacing the Iveco EuroStar and the Iveco EuroTech. In 2019, it was replaced by the Iveco S-Way. The engines used are mainly inline six-cylinder engines with a power range from 228 kW/310 hp to 420 kW/570 hp. With the Iveco Stralis NP, the manufacturer was the first to launch a truck with natural gas drive for long-distance transport. The Stralis is used in regional transport, urban transport, long-distance transport and as a hazardous goods transporter.


Which Stralis models are available?

  • Stralis I AS 430
  • Stralis II AS 450
  • Stralis Hi-way
  • Stralis XP


The driver's cab of the Stralis

The driver's cab offers the driver maximum comfort. The cockpit is equipped with a pneumatically adjustable steering wheel with multifunction buttons and a heated and ventilated driver's seat. The HI-COMFORT couch has a width of 80 cm and a length of more than 2 meters. The air conditioner can be operated with low consumption even when the vehicle is stationary, and there are about 30 stowage and storage compartments. A refrigerator with up to 50 liters capacity is available as an option.


The Stralis XP

The Stralis XP was developed specifically for long-distance transport. It offers fuel-saving eco tires, smart EGR and an optimized rear axle ratio. Smart EGR reduces consumption in the part-load range and lowers the temperature in the cylinder. It also enables cleaner combustion through early injection. The model also features GPS data-based cruise control that intelligently manages driving and shifting operations.


The Iveco Trakker

The Iveco Trakker is in the heavy truck weight class of 27 to 72 tons. It resembles the Stralis in appearance, but is nevertheless a separate truck series. Compared to the Stralis, it has a sturdier frame, reinforced axles and greater ground clearance. The Trakker is optionally available with a 4 x 4 drive. Its high permissible gross weight and optional all-wheel drive make it a sought-after truck in the construction and military sectors. The engines range from 228 kW (310 hp) to 412 kW (360 hp). The Cursor 8 engines with 7.8-liter displacement and Cursor 13 engines with 12.9-liter displacement, which are also familiar from other Iveco trucks, are used. Transmissions used are manual ZF 16-speed transmissions, Iveco Eurotronic transmissions and an Allison torque converter automatic. The interior of the Trakker cab is similar to that of the Stralis, but with a more robust design. Because of its ruggedness, the Trakker is a popular model with the Bundeswehr and other military organizations. The Trakker is optionally available as a 4 x 4 with permanent all-wheel drive.


The Trakker is available with the following wheel bases:

  • 4×2
  • 4×4
  • 6×4
  • 6×6
  • 8×4×4
  • 8×8×4


Possible uses of the Trakker:

  • Fuel truck (armored in the military version)
  • Heavy dump truck
  • Dump truck with crane
  • Concrete mixer
  • Tractor unit (semitrailer truck)
  • Fire truck
  • Military use 


What Trakker models are available?

  • Eurotrakker
  • Trakker 1
  • Trakker 2


The X-Way

Thanks to its off-road functions, the Iveco X-Way masters the balancing act between on-road and off-road use perfectly. Particularly application-oriented, it has the largest payload in its segment. The wide range of equipment features makes adapting to any mission a doddle! Its features include the Hi-Tronix transmission with off-road function, a modular axle and suspension concept, a hydrostatic Hi-Traction drive for the front axle and the revised bumper variants. The X-Way is also available as a truck mixer, a tipper, a roll-off and set-down skip loader, a platform with crane, a tipper semitrailer, a timber transport vehicle and as a vehicle for sewer cleaning.


The T-Way

Developed for extreme conditions and the toughest jobs: these are the trucks in the T-Way range from Iveco. A sturdy chassis, robust vehicle components and outstanding off-road performance: this is what the T-Way is all about. This vehicle is a true star, with a permissible gross vehicle weight of up to 40 tonnes, an automated 16-gear Hi-Tronix transmission, off-road functions like rocking, off-road and Creep mode, and four reverse gears. There's also a choice of mechanical suspension or air suspension and rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive. A revised brake system architecture and combining this with disc brakes has not only improved the truck's performance but also the safety of the driver and other road users. A heavy-duty truck for the construction industry, available as a truck mixer, tipper, a combination vehicle with platform and crane or for sewer cleaning services.

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