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The Atego from Mercedes-Benz Trucks is available in our TruckStore network. The Atego is noted for its low costs and high reliability, and is mainly used for light-duty distribution.

Atego model

The Atego impresses across the board. Be it in the ancillary building trade on construction sites or in short-radius distribution, one thing is sure: the Atego is incredibly impressive.

Atego is the name of a truck model series from the Daimler Truck AG. It is suited to all manner of truck operations in the ancillary building trade (for example: landscaping, inner-city construction sites or in the trades) – and not just on the building site, but also on the journey there. The Atego impresses with its flexibility, as well as with its unbeaten resilience and robustness. Since its beginnings, the manufacturer has offered the Atego in a multitude of variants. You thus have the choice between four different cabs, as well as various wheelbases between 3020 mm and 6260 mm, not to mention a range of body types. Both the transmission and the load-bearing capacity are available in multiple versions and types (from 6.5 t to 15 t). This truck therefore combines intelligent power with versatility in short-radius distribution. 
With the Atego, you have access to an especially multifaceted truck, whose operations-oriented equipment ensures that working on construction sites and in short-radius distribution is as simple and pleasant as possible. With its incredible versatility, the Atego will leave you optimally prepared for daily operations on heavy-duty construction sites and in light-duty short-radius distribution. Today and in the future.

A brief history of the Atego

1998: Successor to the "LK" model series
2000: Introduction of the Atego 1533 and 1833
2001: Replaced by the new model series
2003: Introduction of the new Actros
2004: Facelift of the Atego
2005: Expansion of the Atego engine portfolio (new in-line 4-cylinder engine) and modern appearance, similar to passenger car
2006: Equipped with Euro IV / Euro V engines with BlueTec
2013: Second Atego model generation, Euro VI engines


At TruckStore, you will find the Atego with a range of different bodies, for example as a box body, with a crane and naturally also with all-wheel drive.

Ateg o with box body

At TruckStore, you have access to a large selection of Atego models with a box body. This includes so-called furniture box bodies, plywood box bodies with a cargo liftgate (LBW), box bodies in aluminium with cargo liftgate and clothing box bodies with cargo liftgate. On our site, you will find Atego models with box bodies for the most varied of applications. In view of its light weight, the immense amount of space it offers and the highly efficient engines, the Atego can be operated especially cost-effectively. At TruckStore, you will find all truck models equipped with a box body under the "Box body" category.

The Atego with a crane

The Atego with a crane is often encountered as a skip loader, two-directional tipper, dump truck, roll-off tipper, three-directional tipper, platform vehicle or as a car transporter. The truck is available with loading cranes from various manufacturers and in a range of designs. Atego tippers are often fitted with a so-called grabber or even a rear-mounted crane. In winter service operations, it is also regularly used in conjunction with a 4x4 drive.

The Atego 7.5-tonner

At TruckStore, you will find numerous used Atego models with a permissible gross vehicle weight of up to 7.5 t. In this weight class, the Atego enjoys great popularity. And the reason for that is simple: with this truck model, it is possible to transport large quantities, but thanks to its gross weight of up to 7.5 t, it still classes as a light truck. This doesn't just save fuel costs, but also means that it can be driven with a class 3 driving licence. Accordingly, the Atego isn't just restricted to use by professional HGV drivers but can, for example, also be rented out for house moves and for transporting furniture. A truck driver's licence is thus not required.

The Atego 4x4 with all-wheel drive

In the building industry – for example in landscape gardening, on inner-city construction sites or in the trades – users often need greater traction.  At TruckStore, you will find a large selection of all-wheel-drive Atego models which are specially adapted to building industry requirements and which feature either engageable or permanent all-wheel drive, as well as a weight-optimised and fuel-saving transfer case. These impress with especially good traction compared to Atego vehicles without all-wheel drive. Plus, the all-wheel-drive variant is especially appreciated by the German Army. When driving off-road, the 4x4 version is especially manoeuvrable thanks to its combination of a low weight and all-wheel drive.

Model variety

Efficient 4 and 6-cylinder engines which deliver great power with simultaneously low consumption, a powerful braking system, the PowerShift 3 automated gearshift and operations-oriented drive programs – the technology in the Atego is a worthwhile investment when using the truck on construction sites.

Atego models with in-line 4-cylinder diesel engines:

  • Atego 715, 815, 915, 1015, 1215 (136 hp)
  • Atego 818, 918, 1018, 1218, 1318, 1518 (177 hp)
  • Atego BlueTec 818, 918, 1018, 1218, 1318, 1518 (177 hp)
  • Atego BlueTec 713, 813 (129 hp)
  • Atego BlueTec 716, 816, 916, 1016, 1216 (156 hp)
  • Atego / Atego BlueTec 822, 922, 1022, 1222, 1322, 1522 (218 hp)
  • Atego BlueTec Hybrid 1222 L (218 hp)

Atego models with in-line 6-cylinder diesel engines: 

  • Atego 823, 1023, 1223, 1323, 1523 (231 hp)
  • Atego 1228, 1328, 1528 (279 hp)
  • Atego BlueTec 824, 924, 1224, 1324, 1524 (238 hp)
  • Atego BlueTec 926, 1226, 1326, 1526 (256 hp)
  • Atego BlueTec 1229, 1329, 1529 (286 hp)
  • Atego BlueTec 824, 924, 1224, 1324, 1524 (238 hp)
  • Atego BlueTec 1226, 1326, 1526 (256 hp)
  • Atego BlueTec 1229, 1329, 1529 (286 hp)


The Atego construction site vehicle

Cab & equipment

At first glance and upon closer inspection – the cabs of the Atego show just what is important in the construction industry. Thanks to its clever ergonomics, the Atego is a great companion in your daily operations. Here too, various versions and designs show their strengths. The S-cab and the S-cab with extended rear wall impress with compact exterior dimensions whilst also offering an abundance of space inside. What's more, the visually appealing interior design, the high-quality workmanship and the numerous practically oriented details and equipment ensure an especially high level of working and driving comfort.

Relaxed and concentrated working – the Atego ensures this with three different practically oriented cockpit variants. The clear 4-inch instrument cluster offers a quick and comprehensive view of all important information. In conjunction with the Classic cockpit, the Atego is excellently equipped for operations in the construction sector. It combines an ergonomic workplace with numerous stowage spaces all within easy reach of the driver. The multifunction steering wheel of the Atego features 8 buttons on each side which allow the driver to control the truck's wide range of functions, including accepting a call, operating the assistance systems and changing the radio station. And speaking of entertainment: to simplify the integration of mobile phones, MP3 players or commercially available navigation systems, some Atego models from TruckStore also come with a universal pre-installation. Voice output is via the vehicle's speakers.

A crucial aspect in achieving an ergonomic workplace is having seats which offer you a high level of seating comfort. This includes intuitive positioning of their controls, especially wide seat cushions and an extraordinary range of adjustment: the seats of the Atego can be adjusted by as much as 200 mm in the longitudinal axis and as much as 100 mm in height. This makes the Atego a pleasant vehicle regardless of the size of the driver. As standard, this truck comes with the standard suspension seat on the driver's side. The air-sprung seat with a cover in flat-weave fabric offers many adjustment possibilities and thus ensures high seating comfort.

Engines, transmissions & gearshift

The Atego is characterised by three aspects: efficient technology, generous performance and low consumption. This is noticeable around the entire vehicle, but is most visible in the engines, the gearshift system and the drive programs of the Atego.

Engine technology and emission control technology.

The engines of the Atego are bursting with power, whilst also being reliable and economical. They stand out from the crowd with low consumption, spontaneous responsiveness, high tractive force and smooth running. The 4-cylinder inline engines deliver up to 170 kW (231 hp) and peak torque of up to 900 Nm. The 6-cylinder in-line engines deliver as much as 220 kW (299 hp) and a top torque of up to 1200 Nm. All of these are the perfect pre-requisites for the Atego to fulfil its daily duties as a construction or short-radius distribution vehicle. As standard from a permissible gross vehicle weight of 9.5 t, the three-stage engageable braking system with a braking output up to 235 kW serves to reduce wear and tear on the service brakes, whilst simultaneously increasing safety and vehicle control.

Gearshift (automatic and manual).

The automated gearshift ensures precise gear selection, short shift times, high driving comfort and outstanding economy. This makes the dynamism of the Atego noticeable to the driver and combines simple handling with low consumption. In the case of PowerShift 3, additional functions such as direct shifting from 1 to R as well as a rapid reverse gear ratio facilitate manoeuvring. With the crawler function, pulling away on hills is simple and comfortable. 

The Atego features a range of different drive programs. Depending on the model variant, the drive program "power" or "offroad" can be selected. Both of these include driving modes which not only enable a driving style better suited to the respective driving situation, but which are also specific to the vehicle model variant.

Two reverse gears on 8-speed transmissions.

Even in terms of engine power, the Atego is well-suited to the ancillary building trade. Impressive in all their many facets are the Euro VI engines with outputs up to 220 kW (299 hp) and a maximum torque of 1200 Nm. And thanks to the two reverse gears on the 8-speed transmission, reversing on construction sites is no longer a problem. 

Ride comfort

Ride comfort isn't a luxury for the Atego, it is a must – and you can expect it from the very first journey. For example, efficient working with the vehicle, excellent handling, a charming driving sensation and great body-mounting ability. Thus pretty much everything you need and everything you won't want to be without after the first drive. It comes among other things from the perfect interaction between components such as Stability Control Assist, the cab suspension, steering, rear-axle guide and suspension.

Reduced fuel consumption

With the Atego construction site vehicle, you have a vehicle at your disposal which uses fuel incredibly efficiently and regulates its consumption appropriately. And the lower the fuel consumption, the lower the total cost of ownership.

Lower drag and rolling resistance.

In order to reduce the consumption and drag, the design of the Atego has been optimised right down to the finest of details. From the bumpers to the corner panelling, and from the roof to the aerodynamic add-on parts, everything has its role in reducing air resistance and thus also the fuel consumption. All Euro VI engines are characterised by low consumption. The tyre pressure monitoring system reduces the rolling resistance of the Atego which, when coupled with the consumption-optimising drive programs, intelligent auxiliary consumers and fine-tuned aerodynamics, helps keep consumption down. The enhanced Predictive Powertrain Control system additionally supports a particularly efficient, fuel-saving driving style in the Arocs. Plus, in conjunction with the Multimedia Cockpits, the new MirrorCam also improves aerodynamics yet further, thus saving even more fuel

Axles, transmissions, auxiliary consumers.

The Atego has a number of strings to its bow when it comes to reducing consumption. Among them are the practically oriented rear-axle ratios and the transmission. Even more fuel can be saved by the Atego thanks to its short shift times and economical auxiliary consumers such as on-demand compressed air control and the power steering pump. The maintenance-free Hydraulic Auxiliary Drive (HAD) combines the advantages of the all-wheel drive system with those of the standard drive system. It offers additional traction when needed and adds barely any weight which is ideal for long trips.

High level of safety

Safety comes as standard with construction vehicles from Mercedes-Benz Trucks. The innovative assistance systems relieve strain not only on the driver, but also on the vehicle and its valuable load, whilst also serving to increase efficiency – on every single journey.

Having very safe trucks on our roads is beneficial to road safety and all road users By having fewer accidents, the trucks suffer less downtime. Plus, the assistance they provide makes drivers more efficient. This is why we put several decades worth of experience and development work into every single Atego and each of its assistance systems – making the truck more innovative year on year and thus also greatly relieving strain on drivers. Plus, additional safety is afforded by the camera pre-installation. This enables swift and simple installation of as many as 4 analogue cameras. When manoeuvring, drivers can thus rely on an all-round view in addition to the regular mirrors. And thanks to the use of robust and durable LEDs, the Atego lights up even the darkest of nights. LEDs are used in the turn signals, as well as in the brake and reversing lamps, the tail lamps and the licence plate lighting, not to mention in the rear foglamps and the perimeter/side marker lamps. With their sheer robustness, they require less maintenance and thus also incur lower repair costs.


What makes the Atego so unique? The Atego is your reliable companion on the building site every second of the day, regardless of the task at hand. By adhering to the most strict of practical and operational quality benchmarks, we as the manufacturer have been able to create a vehicle which works problem-free even in the most extreme situations and toughest operations. A truck which you can really rely on. Or as we put it: "Trucks you can trust."

The Atego is your partner to help you efficiently master your daily transport tasks. In the future, too, the manufacturer will continue to do everything it can to assure reliable and safe driving. The reliability of a truck is determined in the development stage. To this end, defined reliability targets are set for each individual part and assembly, as well as for the truck as a whole. The manufacturer guarantees this by using robust, proven components and equipment, all of which take into account the topographic and climatic conditions of the operational location.

Forming the basis of this is a mix of long-term experience, the latest scientific methods and the expectations of our customers. Plus, everything which we develop is also subject to a series of extreme endurance tests. From the functional testing of individual components through endurance trials on the test stand to driving trials. We test all aspects of our trucks' robustness, durability and reliability.

Road and construction-site use impose different requirements on the frame, chassis, suspension and brakes.  All engines offer a particularly robust, durable design, a high degree of reliability and an extended service life. All components of the drivetrain are perfectly attuned to one another and produced exclusively at Mercedes-Benz Trucks. Accordingly, all our trucks are equipped with precisely the components you need for the job in hand. 

Advantages at a glance


  • Long maintenance intervals 
  • Service-friendly design and long maintenance intervals ensure low repair and maintenance costs


  • Low consumption thanks to economical Euro VI engine portfolio and short shift times
  • Sophisticated aerodynamics
  • 7 output stages from 115 kW (156 hp) to 220 kW (299 hp) in two displacement classes
  • Fuel-efficient auxiliary consumers


  • Easy-to-read instrument cluster 
  • Multifunction steering wheel
  • Ergonomically designed workplace
  • Comfortable and wide seats with a large range of adjustment
  • Comprehensive stowage space concept
  • Comfortable beds in the L-cab ClassicSpace and BigSpace

Technical / performance

  • Operations-oriented axles and transmission, as well as frame, chassis, suspension and brake components
  • Finely coordinated drivetrain configurations in particularly robust design offering an extended service life
  • Air-controlled heating and ventilation system, 

Brakes / braking system

  • Electronic brake system with Active Brake Assist, ASR, ABS and hill holder
  • Engine brake with up to 235 kW1


  • Robust design and manufacturing at Mercedes-Benz Trucks
  • Operations-oriented axles, as well as frame, chassis, suspension and brake components


  • S-cab or S-cab with extended rear wall for excellent job matching in the building materials industry
  • Ergonomically designed workplace
  • 3 cockpit versions, 4 cabs
  • PowerShift 3 automated gearshift for better handling; manual gearshift available
  • Easily legible instrument cluster with a 10.4 cm TFT colour display; optional 12.7 cm TFT colour display with video function, as well as pre-installation for a reversing camera
  • Multifunction steering wheel with intuitive operation
  • Radio

Ride comfort

  • Superior ride comfort, high body-mounting ability
  • Electronic stability program ESP®1
  • 4-point cab suspension system
  • Minimal roll understeer thanks to optimised rear-axle guide
  • Weight-optimised steel suspension with multi-leaf parabolic springs
  • Excellent body connection options and integration of body
  • Improved handling thanks to job-matched details and equipment
  • Precise steering.
  • Easy and exact handling 
  • Reliable straight-line stability, high directional stability, reduced need for corrective steering.
  • Rear-axle guide and stabiliser
  • Engageable all-wheel drive or permanent all-wheel drive available


  • More fuel-efficient, reliable 4 and 6-cylinder in-line engines with high torque at low engine speeds
  • Powerful engine brake, optional High Performance Engine Brake
  • PowerShift 3 automated gearshift as well as engageable driving modes and additional functions1
  • Various 6, 8 and 9-speed transmissions for application-oriented drive configurations

The Atego in short-radius distribution haulage

In the daily routines of short-radius distribution, the Atego is also an impressive vehicle. Plus, as it differs only very slightly from the Atego construction site vehicles, it further highlights just how versatile the vehicle really is. That said, there are a few important differences.

Cab & equipment

You don't leave anything to chance, so why should your truck? The comfortable cabs and the efficient engine and transmission components demonstrate what's important in short-radius distribution.

Comfort is a matter of detail.
The Atego provides you with a wide range of practical and comfort-enhancing functions. The line-up includes convenient brief turn signals, a warning tone for the parking brake and vehicle lights, cruise control operation using the multifunction steering wheel buttons and "follow me home" lights. The cockpit variants of the Atego are also representative of its high level of operational orientation. In short: they offer a host of functions to make everyday life with the vehicle more pleasant.

Cockpit variants.
High level of operational orientation – demonstrated perfectly in the Atego by the various cockpit variants in the form of the Classic cockpit and the Comfort cockpit. Each variant is characterised by the ergonomic arrangement of all the controls and by practically oriented stowage compartments.

Classic cockpit.
In the Classic cockpit, all of the important switches and buttons are ergonomically positioned within easy reach and the soft surfaces ensure a high-quality ambience on-board. The PowerShift 3 automated gearshift, for example, is operated comfortably using the right-hand steering-column lever. On Atego models equipped with a manual transmission, the shift lever is integrated in the dashboard.

Comfort cockpit.
With its projecting stowage compartment below the dashboard, the Comfort cockpit offers additional stowage space to complement the already generous range of stowage facilities. This means that there is a place to stow everything, even on the longest trips. All of the controls are also positioned here ergonomically within easy reach of the driver. Soft surfaces ensure a high-quality ambience on-board. Working and driving will just be more fun.

Engine, transmission & gearshift

By combining power and efficiency, the economic 4 and 6-cylinder engines offer high performance and low consumption levels for short-radius distribution operations. And with the PowerShift 3 automated gearshift, even under tough conditions, driving is made much simpler – the system is easy to use, noticeably more dynamic and more frugal in consumption. The automated transmission ensures precise gear selection, short shift times, high driving comfort and a very high level of economic efficiency. Additional functions such as direct shifting and a reverse gear with rapid gear ratio facilitate manoeuvring. The Euro VI engines of the Atego stand out thanks to their low consumption, spontaneous responsiveness, high tractive force and smooth running. Included as standard from a permissible gross vehicle weight of 9.5 t, the engageable braking system with up to 235 kW braking output reduces wear on the service brake and simultaneously increases safety and vehicle control on tough drives through mountainous regions. To enable specific tailoring to the intended application, the Atego is available with a 6, 8 or 9-speed transmission. In conjunction with the perfectly co-ordinated rear-axle ratios, the drive is particularly economic here too.

The drive programs of the Atego.

The Atego comes as standard with the economy drive program. It comprises a number of driving modes which offer precise, simple handling and fuel-efficient driving in virtually all driving situations. 

Ride comfort, good body-mounting ability

Delivers everything that you need in a short-radius distribution truck. For example: efficient working, great ride comfort and an especially bodybuilder-friendly design. 

Ride comfort.
Thanks to Stability Control Assist, the cab suspension, steering, rear-axle guide and suspension, the Atego imparts a very good and confident driving sensation. Here too, all components work perfectly in unison – just as you would expect. When manoeuvring, the sensitive steering of the Atego makes for simple, precise handling and, even at high speeds, it not only keeps the Atego safely in its lane but also ensures reliable straight-line stability, thus reducing the need for corrective steering. The cab suspension features reinforced coil springs at the rear and helps improve the springing comfort on steel-sprung cabs which are equipped with a seat/bunk combination, for example. For confident driving characteristics and less roll understeer, air-sprung Atego models up to 10.5 tonnes (upon request also 12 tonnes) and all steel-sprung Atego models are equipped with a rear-axle guide. The robust stabiliser under the frame at the rear axle reduces the risk of roll and thus ensures greater safety and comfort. Atego vehicles from 12 tonnes onwards can be equipped with an air-sprung front axle and all-round air suspension which increase the ride comfort yet further by automatically compensating the vehicle level in the case of uneven loads. When loading, it also adjusts to the height of the loading bay.

Bodybuilder friendly.
Features contributing to the great body-mounting ability include the parametrisable special module (PSM). It substantially simplifies connection options, as well as the integration and operation of bodies. It ensures the excellent data processing and the problem-free exchange of data between the vehicle and the body.

Low fuel consumption

Don't accept less from your truck. Except when it comes to fuel consumption.
With the Atego, you have a truck which is as if made for short-radius distribution and which uses fuel in an especially efficient way so as to reduce the total cost of ownership. Thanks to RoadEfficiency, even in short-radius distribution, the Atego keeps the total cost of ownership low despite its high level of safety and great usability. Just like with the construction site models, lower drag was able to be achieved by optimising the design of the Atego right down to the finest of details. From the corner panelling and bumpers up to the roof – all optimisations serve to reduce drag. What's more, further aerodynamic add-on components reduce fuel consumption. The telematics pioneer Fleetboard offers individual telematics solutions to maximise both vehicle utilisation and the efficiency of your fleet, as well as to network your fleet and drivers intelligently with one another. In order to use Fleetboard's entire service portfolio, there are both desktop and client solutions available, as well as various apps for Android and iOS. Even in terms of the engine, the Atego is in top form. Its frugal Euro VI engines are available in two displacement classes and seven output stages which range from 115 kW (156 hp) to 220 kW (299 hp). All Euro VI engines are characterised by low consumption. All of the 4 and 6-cylinder in-line engines feature high-pressure injection of up to 2400 bar and exhaust gas recirculation cooling which enable low consumption to be achieved as well as combustion with low soot residue levels. Various 6, 8 and 9-speed transmissions and fuel-saving hypoid axles with a wide range of rear axle ratios are available to ensure efficient power transmission from the engine to the road. High efficiency also comes from the standard PowerShift 3 automated gearshift: With its optimised shift strategy and practically oriented drive programs, it enables confident and anticipatory driving in virtually every driving situation.

High vehicle utilisation

Keep things moving. Optimum utilisation of the truck and intelligent networking of vehicles with both the manufacturer's Service department and transport companies will noticeably increase vehicle usage, as well as capacity utilisation and overall efficiency in short-radius distribution operations and your logistics processes.


Advantages at a glance


  • Wide, comfortable seats with a large adjustment range
  • Air-controlled heating and ventilation system, air conditioning system and hot-air auxiliary heating
  • Comprehensive stowage space concept
  • Comfortable beds in the L-cab ClassicSpace and BigSpace

Ride comfort, good body-mounting ability

  • Stability Control Assist
  • 4-point cab suspension system
  • Minimal roll understeer thanks to optimised rear-axle guide
  • Direct, responsive steering
  • Practically oriented suspension variants for great ride comfort and gentle transport of loads
  • Excellent body connection options and integration of body

Fuel consumption

  • Fuel-efficient, reliable Euro VI engines
  • High-pressure injection with up to 2400 bar injection pressure
  • Consumption-optimised auxiliary consumers
  • Efficient power transfer thanks to consumption-optimised drivetrain configurations
  • Optimised aerodynamics

Total costs

  • Guaranteed residual value by means of the optional Buy-Back contract which is concluded at the time of purchase
  • No risk to trade-in value at end of contract


  • Electronic brake system with ABS and ASR, Active Brake Assist and hill holder
  • Stability Control Assist, Lane Keeping Assist and daytime driving lights for increased safety
  • Engine brake rated at up to 235 kW, optional High Performance Engine Brake offering up to 280 kW of braking power
  • Rain/light sensor

Vehicle use

  • Dense workshop network with Europe-wide service outlets


Around 125 years ago, we founded the modern transport industry with our trucks and buses. With the Daimler Truck Group, we are now one of the world’s largest commercial vehicle manufacturers. We employ more than 100,000 people at over 40 locations in North America, Europe, Asia and Latin America and numerous sales and service points in most countries around the world. In China we have a 50% stake in BFDA. The joint venture with the Chinese partner Foton manufactures trucks under the Auman brand.

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